The territory

Our lands are located in Val di Noto, in the districts of Bufalefi, Maccari and Cozzo Tronzo, just a few kilometres from important sites of historical and natural interest such as Vendicari, a site of EU interest for the protection of migratory avifauna as well as home to a tuna-fishing net used from the Hellenistic period up to the second half of the last century.

Marzamemi and Portopalo Capopassero are located in the same area of the extreme south of Sicily; these are old fishing villages where the slaughter of tuna was a common practice. These seaside places are famous for the beautiful beaches, the most important being the beach across the island of the currents.

In addition to the natural features, our area is of high artistic interest: strong traces of the baroque tradition can be seen in the town of Noto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the uniqueness of the architecture, and Modica, a city famous for the grandeur of the churches and the confectionery tradition, mainly based on chocolate processing.

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