The company

Mortellito is the name of the land where I have my roots. A two-hectare area of countryside where my great-grandparents lived in the early twentieth century. It is here that I decided to embark on my path as a winemaker, moving away from the norms of city life and returning to live in close relationship with the earth.

A choice made for my love for nature and for a place I’m in love with, which manages to enhance my greatest passions: the Land and the Sea.

The local wine culture pushed me to go in search of genuine wines, made without forcing and using organic farming methods.

Today we have about 23 hectares. Our vineyard is a family business run by Dario, Carmelo, Turiddu, Guido, Matteo and Franzo who have dedicated themselves to it, together with many friends who come to help during the different phases of our work.

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