The vineyards

We only grow our grapes with the gobelet training system and without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
Harvesting is done by hand without the use of machinery since this could damage the quality of the grapes.

Nero d’Avola
Harvested from mid-September onwards, the Nero d’Avola, King of our lands, owes its fame to the cultivation of Pachino and Noto.
In our vineyards, the cultivation of this variety is still grown with the gobelet training system, which was used for centuries but that many have now forgotten to make room for more high-tech methods.

Moscato di Noto
This is the only indigenous vine in this area for the production of white grapes; the Moscato di Noto is harvested in late August and early September.
For several years we have tried to revaluate its production that, over time, has steadily declined. This grape can be used for the production of dry wines and raisin wines. 

Frappato/Nero Capitano
This historical Sicilian grape was present in the Syracuse area until the 1970s, but today the Frappato/Nero Capitano is completely extinguished. We planted a few thousand plants with the hope of continuing to increase the number in the coming years.
Red grape variety that we grow using the gobelet training system, this grape is suitable for making young wines that are ready to drink. If it is vinified correctly, it can undergo short aging periods.  

The Grillo is a historic Sicilian grape that was historically cultivated in western Sicily. Suitable for hot climates, it has adapted well to the lands of Noto.
We chose this white grape variety; good for creating dry white wines, because we believe that it is currently the grape that best expresses our land.

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